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7 types of visual tasks and lighting requirements

January 2017

The degree of luminosity required in a room depends on the tasks that will be carried out in that space. Read on to discover the 7 degrees of lux based on the lighting required to accomplish all types of visual tasks.

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How to read lighting product labels

October 2016

Here are a few facts you should consider examining the chart on the luminaire or light bulb packaging when you buy replacement lighting systems.

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How to enhance the true colours of store merchandise

September 2016

In the retail sales market, colour plays a critical role: it can make or break a sale. Where there’s a doubt, there’s no sale. Read on to learn how to enhance the true colours of your store’s merchandise.

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The various types and shapes of lighting technologies

August 2016

MR16, Incandescent, PAR30, Halogen, Fluorescent, CFL, LED… what does it all mean? There are so many options on the market. How do I know which one is the best for me? Read on to understand the basics of lighting technologies used today.

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Cracking the IK code on luminaire protection

July 2016

The IK Code means to characterise the amount of impact a specific product can take. Read on to find out how we measure it and how it impacts your application type’s choice of impact protection on your lighting fixture.

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How to measure light in foot-candles, lumens and lux

June 2016

We often use the words such as foot-candle, lumen, and lux to measure light. Here is a brief reference to help you understand how to measure your lighting needs for various applications.

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