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Envisioning Post-Pandemic Office Lighting

May 2021
Since March 2020, people over the world have had to face a harsh reality on both a personal and professional level, that of the global tsunami called Covid-19. This massive upheaval has given rise to a wide range of questions about the future, in particular, how should we envision post-pandemic office lighting? Adapting to the [...]
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From Past to Present: The Evolution of Emergency Lighting

April 2021
A conversation with Jeff Beare, Executive VP of Marketing at Stanpro, on the evolution of emergency lighting. What was the state of emergency lighting when you first began in the industry? I began working in Emergency Lighting on February 13, 1995. I remember this date very well because it was the day after my son [...]
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Why opt for adjustable lighting fixtures?

March 2021
Adjustable lighting that allow the user to control both color temperature (K) and light intensity (W) are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason! These fixtures are both versatile and adaptive, and thus able to cater to wide-ranging needs. Distributors and contractors like them for their practicality while end-users appreciate their simplicity; they can tailor [...]
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Why is lighting essential to architecture?

February 2021
Asking the following question might appear trivial: Why is lighting essential to architecture? The answer may seem obvious. It is impossible to imagine a space without lighting! Ironically, lighting is often one of the last components factored into a project budget, far behind materials, plumbing or even equipment. Still, it is a crucial feature that [...]
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4 questions to find the perfect downlight for your lighting needs!

January 2021
Downlights are widely used in the lighting industry. Whether it’s a business, a residential setting or a new construction project, these luminaires provide general lighting with a discreet design while offering several options to meet the specific needs of each space. Thanks to LED technology, they are also an energy efficient lighting solution. Now, here [...]
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Why should you upgrade to energy-efficient lighting solutions?

December 2020
Energy-efficient lighting solutions: What are they, exactly? Today, energy consumption in our societies comes in various forms. Since the Industrial Revolution, technological advancements have constantly increased daily energy consumption. Fortunately, more recent innovations have enabled us to reduce consumption of everyday products, such as lighting! With the advent of LED technology, lamps and fixtures have [...]
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COVID-19: How can lighting products improve safety?

November 2020
In response to COVID-19, Stanpro is developing products to improve safety in your living space as well as your work environment. In an effort to offer safe and secure environments to its community, Stanpro has examined the issue at hand and revised its array of products in order to offer its clients specially designed lighting [...]
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Demystifying Eco Fees and the Impact of Mercury-Based Lamps on the Environment

September 2020
Did you know that some types of lamps contain mercury? Such is the case of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Unfortunately, when we discard these bulbs and tubes incorrectly, the impact on the environment can be significant. To reduce their harmful effects, responsible elimination and lamps recycling are of utmost importance. These actions also enable [...]
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UL certification and LED Lamps

February 2019

UL actively participates in national and international standards development. Their experts assess product safety at manufacturing facilities around the world throughout the life of a product. Let’s learn more about LED lamps and their UL certifications.

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The New Age of Electrical Contractor Sales

January 2019

The electrical contractor sales market is evolving. Contractors are looking for operational effectiveness to work in new ways and they expect these representatives to bring expertise and solution-based information to the table to make the contractors’ job easier and more efficient.

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What is the Difference Between LM-79, LM-80 and TM-21?

December 2018

Read definitions of the LM-79, LM-80 and TM-21 documents to further understand recommendations regarding the assessment of the maintenance of luminous flux of LED-based lighting

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All You Need to Know About Light Pollution

October 2018

Light takes different shapes, colors and forms. Would you have guessed that pollution is one of the forms it can take? We have come to realize that light pollution occurs for many reasons and that it impacts numerous fields of study such as ecology, economics, and astrology.

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