Articles by Clémence Marseille

Meet One of the Emergency Lighting Pioneers of Canada

March 2021
Emergency lighting has been in existence in Canada for many decades. Originally, few companies manufactured or even distributed this product, given that guidelines regulating this industry were quite different from what they have become today; in fact, they were almost non-existent. A Montreal-based Canadian company by the name of Red Comet was one of the [...]
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Why is lighting essential to architecture?

February 2021
Asking the following question might appear trivial: Why is lighting essential to architecture? The answer may seem obvious. It is impossible to imagine a space without lighting! Ironically, lighting is often one of the last components factored into a project budget, far behind materials, plumbing or even equipment. Still, it is a crucial feature that [...]
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4 questions to find the perfect downlight for your lighting needs!

January 2021
Downlights are widely used in the lighting industry. Whether it’s a business, a residential setting or a new construction project, these luminaires provide general lighting with a discreet design while offering several options to meet the specific needs of each space. Thanks to LED technology, they are also an energy efficient lighting solution. Now, here [...]
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Why should you upgrade to energy-efficient lighting solutions?

December 2020
Energy-efficient lighting solutions: What are they, exactly? Today, energy consumption in our societies comes in various forms. Since the Industrial Revolution, technological advancements have constantly increased daily energy consumption. Fortunately, more recent innovations have enabled us to reduce consumption of everyday products, such as lighting! With the advent of LED technology, lamps and fixtures have [...]
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COVID-19: How can lighting products improve safety?

November 2020
In response to COVID-19, Stanpro is developing products to improve safety in your living space as well as your work environment. In an effort to offer safe and secure environments to its community, Stanpro has examined the issue at hand and revised its array of products in order to offer its clients specially designed lighting [...]
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Katy’s Donation Day 2020

November 2020
UPDATE: Results are in! Stanpro invites its clients to show greater generosity this year, on the occasion of the 2020 edition of Katy’s Donation Day. Katy’s Donation Day, an annual tradition for over 20 years, is once again close at hand. In light of the pandemic, we hope this year’s initiative will bring in well-needed [...]
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Stanpro awards its annual excellence scholarship

October 2020
EFC encourages students to continue their education It is in a very special context that the EFC (Electro-Federation Canada) announced the maintaining of its scholarship program! This initiative, set up several years ago, supports college and university students who wish to develop a career in one of the following departments: electrical engineering, electrical technologist / [...]
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Demystifying Eco Fees and the Impact of Mercury-Based Lamps on the Environment

September 2020
Did you know that some types of lamps contain mercury? Such is the case of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Unfortunately, when we discard these bulbs and tubes incorrectly, the impact on the environment can be significant. To reduce their harmful effects, responsible elimination and lamps recycling are of utmost importance. These actions also enable [...]
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August 2020
Each summer over the last few years, Stanpro has organized its traditional BBQ dinner in each of its facilities throughout Canada. Acknowledging its team players is a major priority of the Stanpro culture. And despite the present pandemic upheaval, the company felt it was essential to uphold this special tradition. This year, for obvious reasons, [...]
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