In 1961, Haskel Nathaniel founded STANDARD Products Inc., a toy import company. In the mid-1970’s, he sold a wide variety of products from his home, the bulk of which he kept in a public warehouse. His assorted stock included batteries, cutlery, safety gloves and playing cards. Among the products he carried, there was a single electrical product: insulating tape. STANDARD’s beginnings in the electrical industry started back in 1982 with a focus on electrical tape. The company’s offering quickly evolved to include lamps, followed by components such as ballasts, safety coated lamps and sockets all of which were aimed at proposing a complete line of lighting products.

In 2000, STANDARD began the transition towards becoming a full-fledged manufacturer by assuming control of the design, performance, and quality of its products. Today, it is not just about components: it’s about providing complete lighting solutions that allows STANDARD’s clients to improve the quality of their lighting systems, enhance the overall ambiance, while reducing energy, maintenance and operating costs.

At STANDARD, we strive to work with you, our customers, we embrace each unique need and recommend lighting solutions that respond to your particular needs. Our goal is to support our customers and to promote efficiency with our line selection of economic and energy-saving lighting solutions.

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  • Katy Shebath, David Nathaniel’s sister, played a critical role, alongside her brother, throughout the last 32 years of STANDARD’s journey. She remains the heart and soul of this company. Read Katy Shebath, a Kind and Thoughtful Leader that honours Katy's memory and legacy
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