August 2020


Each summer over the last few years, Stanpro has organized its traditional BBQ dinner in each of its facilities throughout Canada.

Acknowledging its team players is a major priority of the Stanpro culture. And despite the present pandemic upheaval, the company felt it was essential to uphold this special tradition.

This year, for obvious reasons, this event could not take place, but the Human Resources team was eager to surprise all its employees: A daunting task, to say the least! How to orchestrate a distance BBQ for employees, most of whom have been working from home for several months?

There appeared to be only one logical solution to the HR team: home delivery!

But not a run-of-the-mill delivery. We’re talking about home delivery of a box of BBQ provisions that Stanpro employees and their families could enjoy on a lovely summer day, safely, and in the comfort of their own homes!

In addition, in an effort to support local economy, a unique spice blend crafted in Québec along with a special apron bearing the Stanpro logo were added to each of the 350 BBQ boxes.

We recently surprised Stanpro employees at their homes in British Columbia, Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes with unexpected BBQ meal boxes!

Mission accomplished! Employees were pleasantly surprised, and were able to safely recreate a Stanpro-inspired BBQ in the comfort of their own homes together with friends and family!

As for the traditional Stanpro BBQ, there will be other summer BBQs, for sure!

Human Ressources BBQ Initiative

BBQs at Stanpro are one of the events I enjoyed the most!

Covid-19 took that away, but it did not take away the token of recognition to the Stanpro team!

Thanks, Stanpro for the kind gesture! We will enjoy BBQs at home!

-Margarita Mejia, employee