As we all know, hospitals and all medical facilities are up and running 24/7. No break, the machine is always working with some good and not so good moments.
In such facilities, hundreds, if not thousands of people are moving around like in a giant anthill. Patients, medical staff, everybody is lacking daylight in this giant four-wall structure.

One solution: Upgrade to a modern LED lighting system!

The impacts are considerable!

Different types of lighting for different usages

LED lighting system contributes to patient recovery

Patients in healthcare facilities can unfortunately not get a sufficient dose of light. This lack often causes physical and even psychological discomfort. In this precise case, exposure to a natural source of light may not necessarily be possible. However, exposure to a suitable LED lighting source may be enough to change their fate!
By emitting constant light, LED lighting mimics natural daylight which has positive effects on patient healing, length of stay in the facility, depression and anxiety, and can even positively impact medication use.

LED lighting system adapts to employee’s needs

It is well known that employees in the healthcare system work long hours and particularly changing work shifts. Especially for night shifts, employees are more likely to suffer from sleepiness, reduced productivity, and safety may even be affected. This lack of light can end up having negative impacts such as concentration, irritability, judgment and decision making. The mere use of an LED lighting system can prevent the negative impacts of lack of light to employees, thereby promoting a safer working environment for both staff and patients.
Employees can manage the LED system to fit their needs with dimmers.

Changing to a LED lighting system is a real cost effective solution

The LED lighting system recommended in the medical sector is a very cost-effective option since it is a retrofit system that allows the modernization of the actual fluorescent system. This upgrade to LED technology allows average savings of 38% on your electricity bill.

In conclusion, the modernization of the current lighting system of healthcare facilities is now possible with LED panels or tubes. A compatible installation with the existing fluorescent system and substantial savings in electricity consumption make it a non-negligible solution!

Finals thoughts about the efficiency of switching to a LED lighting system:

  • Patient may recover faster and enjoy more their stay at the hospital
  • Employees will more likely be productive
  • The electricity bill of the institution can drop as much as 38%
  • Both employees and patients will benefit of a better quality of life!

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