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Place Versailles was designed in 1963, and was the first fully-covered shopping mall in Montreal. 10 years ago, STANDARD was commissioned to modernize the lighting system of this facility, using fluorescent technology very much in vogue at the time.

As Place Versailles continued to evolve, its administrators felt the need to revamp the shopping mall’s lighting once again to keep up with current innovative trends. They called on STANDARD once more to assist in bringing the shopping centre into the 21st century.

STANDARD suggested a practical and straightforward solution: replace all T8 fluorescent tubes with their LED technology counterparts.

This change resulted in*:

  • A 26% energy saving
  • A 1.09-year recovery time
  • A 5-year, 357% return on investment
  • A Hydro-Québec rebate equivalent to 45% of the initial investment

*Factoring in cross effects