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STANDARD helped create a festive atmosphere in Riverview, New Brunswick when it recommended installing Christmas lights to light up the Town’s riverfront along the Petitcodiac River.

More than 12,000 colorful light bulbs now line the town’s riverfront:

“It’s like a little winter wonderland”, said Micha Fardy, Community Economic Development Officer for the Town of Riverview.*

The town has planned to have the light display extended toward the town itself over the next two years.

“We’re looking at three years to complete along the river and then, that’s when… we’d look at extending this in other key areas of Riverview.”*

This feature has been the talk of the town! The coloured lights are incredible:

“We’ve just been loving the awesome feedback,”* said Micha Fardy, adding that dozens have commented on the town’s Facebook page and on the town’s website comment section.

*Quotes extracted from “Riverview’s riverfront light display a hit with residents” in Riverview’s Telegraph-Journal