The incandescent lamp has been in the average household for more than 120 years and this technology has long proven to be reliable, easy to use and a part of a cozy and inviting environment.

Incandescent bulbs provide the best possible colour rendering. Not only do they offer aesthetics and flexibility, but they also do not require a ballast or transformer. They are dimmable and function well even if exposed to heat or moisture.

Incandescent lamps are also appreciated for their low initial cost and for the absence of toxic materials such as mercury, toxic alloys or semiconductors when disposing of them at the lamp's end-of-life cycle.

In the last decade, a major initiative to develop more efficient light sources has brought about the replacement of much of the world's general service incandescent lamps. Nevertheless, many decorative or specialized applications still require the specific attributes of incandescent lighting.

Decorative Chandeliers

STANDARD offers a wide variety of incandescent chandelier lamps that differ from the traditional B10 lamps with their decorative designs, such as our hexagonal or silk-wrapped lines. They all possess an extra feature that gives character to chandeliers and bring style into a room.

Decorative Exposed Lamps

STANDARD offers a wide variety of incandescent lamps that are stylish in shape, create an atmosphere and provide incomparable light output. They are ideal for use where the light source is exposed.

Enclosed Fixtures

An incandescent lamp can be used in an enclosed fixtures.


Incandescent lamps are compatible with numerous specialized applications. STANDARD offers the following to fulfill the specific needs of these applications: rough service, trilights, black light blue, high and low voltage, plant lights, infrared, traffic lights, flashing lights, coloured bulbs and more. These specialized incandescent lamps are not subject to any current energy efficiency regulation.

Safety Max (protective lamp coating)

Safety Max coated lamps help contain glass, mercury (applies only to mercury containing lamps), metal and phosphors if the lamp is broken. Safety Max lamps provide the necessary protection for your company, production facility and employees while ensuring lumen output is not sacrificed.

Regulations for lighting and safety require protective lighting in some industries such as daycare centers, food processing, food service, and hospitality to ensure broken glass cannot come into contact with food products or personnel. It is a sure way to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure safety in your business. Disposal and lamp changes are easy and safe. Safety Max lamps are CFIA accredited.