Halogen bulbs belong to the incandescent family, they provide crisp white light, high efficiency, long life and constant lumen maintenance and they can be used as general purpose, directional and more decorative lighting.

The use of halogen gas enables the lamps to burn slowly which allows the halogen lamp to operate at a higher temperature without sacrificing light output; this makes them more efficient than a regular incandescent light bulb and offers a crisper white light.

Light Characteristics

Halogen lamps allow for accurate control over light beams. They can also be used in the most compact and stylish fixture designs as they are light weight and smaller in size than other technologies. The crisp white light of the halogen reflects very nicely on crystal, making it sparkle and enhancing the property of crystal chandeliers. All halogen lamps are dimmable.

Full Range of Lamp Types

STANDARD offers a wide variety of lamp types, shapes, in all wattages, colour temperatures, beam angles, low voltage as well as line voltage, to fit all decorative fixtures and general lighting applications. Given their dimming capabilities, exceptional light quality and colour rendering, halogen lamps are often the preferred choice for general purpose lighting as well as in many applications where focus needs to be placed on a particular object or area such as in museums, landscaping, wall-sconces, display cases, track lighting and many more.

Safety Max (protective lamp coating)

Safety Max coated lamps help contain glass, mercury (applies only to mercury containing lamps), metal and phosphors if the lamp is broken. Safety Max lamps provide the necessary protection for your company, production facility and employees while ensuring lumen output is not sacrificed.

Regulations for lighting and safety require protective lighting in some industries such as daycare centers, food processing, food service, and hospitality to ensure broken glass cannot come into contact with food products or personnel. It is a sure way to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure safety in your business. Disposal and lamp changes are easy and safe. Safety Max lamps are CFIA accredited.