A lamp and ballast retrofit solution will allow you to improve the quality of lighting in your facility, while reducing energy and operating costs. For example, should you have a retail store, a commercial office, or an educational facility, our lamp and ballast system will help you create a positive environment for your customers, your employees, or your students.

STANDARD fluorescent lamp and ballast systems are ideal for any indoor application. This system offers low operating costs, long lamp life, excellent light quality, a superior CRI, and increased lumen maintenance.

Our ballasts are designed from a pure quality perspective, to deliver high performance and long reliable life. As a Canadian-based company, STANDARD has the most complete range of 347 volt ballasts on the market.

New Linear and U-Bent Fluorescent T12 Lamps

STANDARD is pleased to offer a line of linear T12 lamps, as well as U-Bent T12 lamps in our own brand. This series provides a high CRI, which enhances the natural colour of surrounding objects. These lamps are not affected by the current legislation (Canada and Ontario) due to their high CRI of 90.

One System Warranty

To maximize performance, combine STANDARD’s lamps and ballasts and extend your warranty through the One System Warranty.

Safety Max (protective lamp coating)

Safety Max coated lamps help contain glass, mercury (applies only to mercury containing lamps), metal and phosphors if the lamp is broken. Safety Max lamps provide the necessary protection for your company, production facility and employees while ensuring lumen output is not sacrificed.

Regulations for lighting and safety require protective lighting in some industries such as daycare centers, food processing, food service, and hospitality to ensure broken glass cannot come into contact with food products or personnel. It is a sure way to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure safety in your business. Disposal and lamp changes are easy and safe. Safety Max lamps are CFIA accredited.