LED lamps are quickly becoming the light source of choice in residential and commercial applications. STANDARD has made it a priority to bring you a full line of energy efficient lighting solutions to meet all your needs, while meeting or exceeding industry norms. Whether you have a commercial, retail, hospitality or residential application, you are sure to find what you are looking for at STANDARD.

STANDARD has the most extensive offering of ENERGY STAR approved LED lamps on the market today, which allows you to take advantage of countless utility rebates offered across North America.


STANDARD has the ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications. Whether it is for soffit lighting, task lighting or recessed lighting, we offer a full line of LED reflector lamps with an array of shapes, colour temperatures and beam spreads to accommodate all preferences and applications.

LED Tube Replacement Lamps

LED tube replacement lamps offer the perfect alternative to fluorescent lamps while minimizing mercury output and increasing efficiency. They are compatible with traditional electronic IS ballasts as well as program-start ballasts. Compared to their fluorescent equivalent, these lamps significantly reduce costly re-lamping charges and eliminate the start-up time typical of traditional fluorescent lamps.

Decorative Lighting

These lamps are completely dimmable and allow you to create a comfortable atmosphere for any occasion; they emit light that delivers ambiance and style while minimizing energy and maintenance costs compared to incandescent equivalents. These lamps are perfect for chandeliers, wall sconces and ornamental fixtures.

Accent Lighting

The colour-changing RGB delivers even, brilliant light; its cool white and warm white colours can be used in a multitude of applications. STANDARD’s accent lighting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, from under cabinets to cove and perimeter applications.

Exit Lighting

Our LED exit lamp kit, an easy retrofit solution, minimizes energy consumption and maintenance costs compared to its incandescent equivalent, while evenly illuminating both sides of the sign, thus ensuring that safety comes first.

Miniature Lamps

These shock-resistant LED miniature lamps are the perfect replacements for industrial equipment, elevator panels and utility displays. They offer a long life, and a low power consumption option to incandescent miniatures.

Traditional replacement

These LED OMNI and A19 Trilight lamps are the perfect replacement for table lamps, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures and floor lamps. STANDARD is caring the widest selection of colour temperatures available (2700k, 3000k, 4000k & 5000k) to suit any atmosphere and application and all lamps ENERGY STAR approved. Plus, 3-way lamps offer three different levels of light to mimic traditional incandescent lighting

Safety Max (protective lamp coating)

Safety Max coated lamps help contain glass, mercury (applies only to mercury containing lamps), metal and phosphors if the lamp is broken. Safety Max lamps provide the necessary protection for your company, production facility and employees while ensuring lumen output is not sacrificed.

Regulations for lighting and safety require protective lighting in some industries such as daycare centers, food processing, food service, and hospitality to ensure broken glass cannot come into contact with food products or personnel. It is a sure way to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure safety in your business. Disposal and lamp changes are easy and safe. Safety Max lamps are CFIA accredited.