STANDARD offers a variety of quality troffer for commercial applications. Perfect for offices, the well distributed light enhances productivity and reduce fatigue. They are typically recessed, sitting above the ceiling grid but can also be installed on a hard ceiling using a surface mount kit.

LED Panel

LED Panels

The edge-lit LED panels are ideal for retrofitting your fluorescent fixtures and in turn save an average of 38% on your energy bill. These panels which can be either recessed or suspended provide a visually comfortable and uniform light and are fully dimmable.

LED Center Basket Luminaires

The LED Center Basket luminaires are direct/indirect center-diffuser luminaires that provide an optimal alternative to traditional fluorescent recessed luminaires. The fully back-lit luminaire opening ensures evenly distributed light that eliminates surface shadows and provides a glare-free environment.
Retrokit lighting

LED RetroKit

The STANDARD RetroKit uses the existing luminaire frame to convert and upgrade to LED, reducing installation costs; it upgrades easily your fluorescent troffers to LED