STANDARD offers a variety of LED linear Luminaires and retrofit linear kits using LED lamps, perfect for any application. Also offered are IP65+ rated luminaires for applications needing protection against water and dust infiltration as well as vandal proof luminaires.

LED Tri-proof Luminaires

These vandal proof LED Tri-proof luminaires are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting systems and will help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 59%.
Vapor Tight Luminaires

LED Vapor Tight Luminaires

The efficient LED vapor tight luminaires can save you up to 38% in energy consumption compared to its traditional counterpart. These luminaires are suitable for wet location areas, indoor and outdoor, and are protected against the entry of dust and jets of water.

LED T8 Luminaire Kits

The LED T8 luminaire kits, which include LED T8 lamps and a fluorescent luminaire, offers you an easy retrofit for your current lighting. The more efficient LED T8 lamps allow you to increase your light output by 70%, and they operate at cooler temperatures and require no start-up time.
IP65 luminaire solution

LED IP65+ Rated Luminaires

STANDARD’s IP65+ rated solutions eliminate luminaire dirt depreciation, protect against luminaire damage and in turn maintain high performance
shoplight luminaire

LED Shoplight

The STANDARD 4-foot LED shoplight delivers 4,000 lumens of brilliant white light of the highest quality, equivalent to 2 fluorescent tubes, but consumes 48% less energy!.