These luminaires are equipped with high quality integrated LEDs and offer a pleasant, even and dimmable light. These ceiling luminaires offer a life rating of over 50 000 hours, and are easily installed in a variety of commercial and residential applications, such as closets, utility areas, hallways, bedrooms, and offices.

Join Hands with STANDARD to Give to Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for humanity

STANDARD is donating a portion of the proceeds for every LED ceiling luminaire sold. To obtain more information about this campaign, read Building a brighter community together in 2017

LED ceiling luminaires are the ideal energy-saving solution for commercial and residential applications. They are easily installed and offer comfortable lighting in closets, utility areas, hallways, offices and bedrooms.

All products in the LED ceiling luminaire line, including the future products which will be launched throughout the year, are part of this program.

Ceiling luminaires

LED Ceiling Mount Luminaires

Install STANDARD's LED ceiling luminaires and save on energy. These luminaires are easy to install, last longer and are maintenance free compared to fluorescent lights.
LED Ceiling Luminaire Shades

LED Ceiling Luminaire Shades

STANDARD’s LED Ceiling Luminaire and Shade combination can be the finishing touch to any redesign, and/or may be a suitable replacement for outdated light fittings.

LED Edge-Lit Ceiling Luminaire

The LED Edge-Lit Ceiling luminaire from STANDARD has a very slim design for a modern and minimalist look; offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, it will fit any applications.
Programmable Ti-Level with Habitat

Programmable Tri-level Ceiling

STANDARD’s Tri-level programmable ceiling fixture is a powerhouse. It offers vast energy savings not only by using LED technology, but also by allowing the user to control the light levels and consumption when the area is not occupied.