For almost three decades, STANDARD has been committed to offering sustainable, high performing lighting solutions for all applications. We now offer a full line of fluorescent linear lighting systems both with “pre-wired” stock and made-to-order options. With our full offering of fluorescent lamps, STANDARD has made it a priority for its luminaires to meet or exceed industry certification.

Our carefully engineered luminaires are manufactured to provide superior performance over outdated fluorescent or HID lighting systems, while also offering energy savings, aesthetics, performance and the quality our customers demand.

The fluorescent luminaires are very versatile and can be installed in many different applications. STANDARD offers you a large variety of luminaires to accommodate all application requirements.

  • High Bay
  • Recessed
  • Strip
  • Wrap
  • Vapor Tight

Why Upgrade your Lighting Luminaires?

Because of their efficiency, new fluorescent systems in both old and new spaces can provide many advantages, including:

  • Increased employee comfort and productivity
  • Improved retail appearance
  • Reduced lighting energy use
  • Reduction of excess heat in buildings
  • Fewer fixtures and lamps per square foot (in some newly built spaces)

Cost & Energy Savings

The most popular and productive lighting upgrades involve changing from outdated fluorescent lamps or HID lighting systems. Replacing these systems with high performance fluorescent systems is an energy saving solution that improves both the lighting quality and system flexibility of an installation.