Create a cozy atmosphere or emphasize a specific element of your décor with STANDARD's design lighting line. It is widely versatile and adapts perfectly to several types of decor, whether it’s a classical, industrial, modern or eclectic style.

LED Tapes

LED Tapes and Extrusions

STANDARD’s series of LED Tapes and Extrusions is the ideal solution for the customization of any area. Whether surface mounted, recessed or suspended, these lighting systems will help create an inviting atmosphere and add a touch of refinement to every application.

Armonia LED Slim Line Bars

These linkable LED bars that provide continuous high quality lighting are the perfect fit for a variety of applications, such as cove, accent, or task lighting.

LED Accent Lighting

Create a special effect or add an extra touch to any location using one or more of our different LED accent solutions, anywhere from tape, strip and rope lights to LED coloured lamps.
LED Wall Sconce

LED Wall Sconce

STANDARD’s series of LED Wall Sconces, equipped with double-sided lenses, provide high quality lighting with a CRI 90+ while adding a decorative touch to the application.