Highbay in warehouse

LED High Bay Luminaires

With STANDARD’s high bay series, it is now so easy to modernize your commercial or industrial application; it is the perfect alternative for your traditional lighting system.

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Garage lighting

LED Linear Luminaires

STANDARD’s LED linear luminaires are an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional linear fluorescent luminaires in a variety of commercial, low bay lighting applications.

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Open office lighting

LED Recessed Luminaires

STANDARD LED Recessed Luminaires transform ambient lighting into an exquisite balance of refined appearance and superior efficiency.

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Ceilling mount luminaires in hotel hallway

LED Ceiling Mount Luminaires

STANDARD’s series of LED ceiling-mount luminaires, equipped with high quality integrated LEDs, make a perfect solution for commercial and decorative applications.

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IP65 solution

IP65+ Rated Luminaires

STANDARD’s IP65+ rated solutions eliminate luminaire dirt depreciation, protect against luminaire damage and in turn maintain high performance

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Design Lighting

Whether to create a cozy atmosphere or to emphasize a specific element of your decor, STANDARD's design lighting line offers the solution you need.

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High School gym fluorescent luminaires

Fluorescent Luminaires

Increase system performance and energy savings by replacing outdated fluorescent or HID lighting systems with our high quality fluorescent luminaires.

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