Building upon our three decades of lighting expertise we created a high quality recessed fixtures designed with ease of installation and versatile lighting options in mind. Recessed lighting is very versatile, it blends into any décor, and can be used for task lighting, general illumination of a space, and as accent lighting to emphasize key elements in your décor.

RF Trims

Determine Your Application

The first thing to identify is whether your application is a new construction or a retrofit and if your ceiling is insulated or not. Once these factors are determined, you can choose from our industrial strength galvanized steel housings which include: remodeler, remodeler insolated ceiling (IC), new construction, new construction insulated ceiling (IC) and outdoor soffit. Installation is made easy with our large selection of mounting accessories.

Choose Your Desired Effect and Look

Create a specific lighting effect based on the type of trim you select. With over 65 trims in various styles and colours, available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches, you can enhance your environment and create the effect you want.

Choose Your Ambiance

Given our large selection of halogen and LED lamps, it's possible to create a seamless look by matching your trim and lamp colour. Furthermore, lamps are available in different colour temperatures and beam angles and depending on your lamp selection you can change the ambiance of a room.

Extended Warranty

To maximize performance, combine STANDARD’s recessed fixtures and lamps and extend your warranty through the Extended Limited Warranty.