STANDARD offers a variety of LED Downlights to ensure you can choose the right LED Downlight for your needs. These different LED Downlights each offer different benefits from the beam distribution, trim selection and installation methods. Whether you are installing them in a new construction or in a retrofit application, they will fit seamlessly into your lighting application.


Traditional LED Downlight

STANDARD's dimmable 4 and 6 inch downlight kits provide exceptional light output in a sophisticated, sleek design that replicates the look of a traditional downlight but at a fraction of the energy and maintenance costs.
Low Profile Downlight

LED Low Profile LED Downlight

The sleek design of the LPDL Downlight allows for an easy installation while providing an excellent light output. Its thin profile of less than 1” allows it to be mounted exactly where you need it without any ceiling constraints.

Presto LED Downlight

This LED downlight is incredibly quick and easy to install; plus, its design allows it to fit seamlessly into all types of decors.
Lumeina LED Downlight

Lumeina LED Downlight

The Lumeina series is the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic design. Indeed, the quality of light of this series may easily compare to the superior quality of the crisp white halogen light, at a fraction of the energy cost.
Veloce LED downlight

Veloce LED Downlight

The VELOCE range of LED downlights is an ideal solution for fixture replacement in existing installations as well as in new constructions. This high-end downlight provides exceptional light output, a quality of light that is unparalleled on the Canadian market. As it operates on a 1 to 10V dimming system, it is best suited for commercial applications.
Commercial downlight

Retrofit Commercial LED Downlights

Retrofit Commercial LED Downlights allow an easy conversion of existing downlights to energy efficient LED, in less than 5 minutes, easily replace CFL, HID or incandescent fixtures without removing the existing frame.
LED Recessed Solutions

FlexLED: Integrated LED Recessed Solutions

The integrated LED recessed fixtures perfectly replace current recessed fixtures with a superior quality solution. They are versatile for applications and installations with both new construction and retrofit options, and provide a sophisticated and modern look.
LED Gimbal downlights

LED Gimbal Downlights

STANDARD’s LED Gimbal Downlights are easy to install and allow you to direct the light where needed. Whether in new construction or in retrofit applications, the module and trim combination will fit any application.
LED Retro Downlight

LED Retro Downlight

STANDARD’s LED Retro Downlight offers an easy and economical solution for any traditional downlight retrofit application.