Automobile dealerships must be equipped with high-end lighting systems to ensure that their vehicles are showcased in the best possible way and that the repair and maintenance installations have proper lighting to carry out the mechanical work done in that area. Each one of these spaces has a separate function, which raises the challenge bar for automobile dealers!

The Showroom

This is the area where automobiles need to look their best to attract customers and deliver a sale at the end of the day!

The selected lighting system has a formidable role to play. Light that shines down on the car must reveal its finest features, its shape, colour, and texture.

To achieve this desired result, the dealer will need to opt for several strategies: intermix direct and indirect lighting, select distinct light colours and intensities, make optimal use of the colour rendering index and colour temperatures.

Specialists recommend choosing a lighting system that allows potential customers to discern various automobile colours. A Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or higher gives a clearer visual appreciation of colour shades and a light level between 800 and 1100 lux (80 and 110 foot-candles).

Highlighting the car’s colours needs to be done carefully to avoid needless glare and undue luminosity on other surfaces. To achieve the best visual effect, lighting specialists will recommend the installation of beams coupled with projectors.

Ultimately, the installation of an adaptable lighting system is highly recommended as vehicles and showroom installations are often rearranged. A flexible system is easier to adjust and control.

Car dealership lighting

The Garage

For this area of a dealership installation, the ideal lighting arrangement is one that will illuminate the work space in the most optimal manner to ensure that mechanics are able to complete their visual work properly. And as is the case for work spaces such as a garage, there is also a need to ensure workers’ safety. Thus, the lighting system should satisfy this requirement.

When considering the type of work that is done in this space, all luminaires installed must be vapor-tight, water- and dust-resistant. With this in mind, luminaires with an Ingress Protection Index (IP) of 65 or higher is the ideal choice. Moreover, these luminaires have a longer life span and require less maintenance.

Lighting specialists will invariably recommend that dealers install a variety of lighting systems according to the task at hand. Bright lights are best for work with special auto parts that are small or difficult to distinguish. In these cases, lighting with a minimum of 500 lux (50 foot-candles) may be the best option in workshop garages.

Car dealership lighting


The LED option seems to be the most recommendable for the dealership showroom or the workshop garage. This technology allows users to better control and adjust light levels to suit their needs. In addition, it requires far less maintenance than the traditional technologies as its life-span is much longer. This is a major feature because both automobile dealership showrooms and their workshop garages have very high ceilings; access to luminaires can be difficult.

This is why LED lighting systems are the most durable and economical solution that specialists will recommend to automobile dealers nine times out of ten!

As you can see, automobile dealers are faced with a number of choices when comes time to meet their objectives: better lighting means greater savings!

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