The LSHOP series is an integrated solution for quick and easy installation; indeed no wiring required, just plug it in and turn it on by pulling the chain. Equipped with a keyhole, it is the fastest way to surface mounts this workshop light. This is just as easy for suspended installation; with the included suspension cables, simply connect the luminaire to a wall socket. No need to remove the lens or open the luminaire, the luminaire is fully assembled with integrated LED lights.

This 4-foot LED shoplight delivers 4 000 lumens of brilliant white light of the highest quality, equivalent to 2 fluo tubes, but consumes 48% less energy! It is the perfect luminaire to illuminate your work station, garage, laundry room, basement, game room, utility or storage room. Thanks to its lightweight design and supplied mounting hardware, it is simple to install and make your work area a well-lit, highly productive area.