EYE Lighting has a full spectrum of cost-saving, energy efficient LED Luminaires and the selection continues to grow.

The rugged Aphos™ family of luminaires, is designed with custom LED optics; it delivers exceptional light-on-task coverage that minimizes the number of fixtures required in an installation.

Aphos is an energy-efficient line of built-to-last LED luminaires. Its rugged construction and intelligent design guarantee a long service life with minimal maintenance. Built to withstand even the harshest environments, Aphos luminaires have modular custom optics that effectively focus light onto the task while reducing unwanted glare.

The highly efficient modular custom optics of Aphos luminaires provide light on task and maximize optical transmission efficiency. The uniformity that these custom optics provide allows specifiers to reduce the initial amount of lumens required to adequately light a space without creating “dark spots”.

This system is highly versatile, offers multiple designs and mounting options that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, including warehouses and manufacturing, parking garages and canopies, roadways, parking lots, and facades.

EYE’s kíaroLED® is a versatile line of LED luminaires. The street and area or post top provides a lighting solution for efficiently controlling backlight, uplight and glare in an extensive range of outdoor environments.

kíaroLED provides a lighting solution that ensures efficient control of backlight, uplight, and glare in an extensive range of outdoor environments. Thanks to its modular design, kíaroLED offers a variety of illumination levels, colour temperatures, controls, mounting options and accessories. With patented precision optics, the luminaire effectively focuses light onto the task while reducing unwanted glare and light spill behind the pole. The enhanced visibility and uniformity, the kíaroLED® provides a solution for energy saving and dark sky projects.

kíaroLED street and area luminaires achieve high efficiency by extracting significant lumens at a low wattage, and the precise positioning of the lumens result in a reduction of light trespass. The new kíaroLED provides unrivaled optical performance with tailored optics to achieve desired illumination levels.

The kíaroLED post top is designed for easy retrofit of 70 watt to 250 watt HID post tops. kíaroLED is a stylish LED upgrade choice for streets, roadways, parks, walkways, gardens, commercial areas, and office and college campuses.