STANDARD’s sealed luminaires offer full protection against harsh environmental conditions. They are waterproof to water jets, making cleaning quick and easy, and do not allow dust infiltration inside the luminaire and its components. The IP65+ rated luminaires are perfectly suited for dusty and wet locations and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

If you wish to know more about the IP Code, read The IP Code: What it Means blog.

LED Tri-proof Luminaires

These vandal proof LED Tri-proof luminaires are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting systems and will help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 59%.
Vapor Tight Luminaires

LED Vapor Tight Luminaires

The efficient LED vapor tight luminaires can save you up to 38% in energy consumption compared to its traditional counterpart. These luminaires are suitable for wet location areas, indoor and outdoor, and are protected against the entry of dust and jets of water.
LED Bell Shape lighting fixture

LED High Bay Bell Shape Luminaires – LPHBB Series

The LED Bell Shape High Bay is a high efficiency retrofitting solution for traditional luminaires that allows for significant savings in energy and maintenance costs. It is also designed to mimic the appearance of the traditional HID bell shape high bay.

LED Garage and Canopy light

With its superior rugged construction and low profile design, the LCAN series of IP65 luminaires are the perfect solution for parking garage and / or canopy applications.