Projector lamps are manufactured to specific settings, meaning the mercury vapour is pressurized to a precise measurement and the quartz ARC tube is engineered to withstand that pressure.  These different settings produce different brightness levels or ANSI lumen rates. Most projector lamps also have different ignition and running voltages and wattages.

This means that a projector lamp manufactured for a specific projector or group of projectors is unique to those units only. You cannot, for example, put a 150 W projector lamp inside a projector that requires a 250 W projector lamp. It is also not possible to put a 250 W projector lamp inside a projector that calls for a 250 W lamp but whose ignition and running voltage are different than the specifications for that projector.

In addition, if you install a lamp with the same ignition and running voltages AND the same wattage settings but a different ANSI lumens rate, the projector will not perform as it is supposed to.

To know which projector lamp to use with your piece of equipment, simply type in the model number in our search engine in our e-catalog.