About a year ago, STANDARD proudly launched its new website; we revamped the look and the content of our website to simplify and facilitate the overall user experience. We received a lot of positive feedback, as well as suggestions for improvement. Based on the feedback from our customers and internal users, we changed the design and the structure of our Documentation section to improve its usage.

Here is a tour of the changes made and new features of this tool:

Category level

The first level of the Documentation section includes a selection of all our product categories, illustrated with a picture of the main products within that category. You can therefore easily find what you are looking for at a quick glance. When you select a Product Category, you will see the product families and/or product brands.

STANDARD website

Document level

Once you choose the family of products you’re looking for (in this example, we selected LED High Bay), all documents related to that product are listed, categorized by type of document (brochure, compatibility list, warranty etc.)

STANDARD website

New features

You will notice the navigation path, a.k.a breadcrumb trail, is displayed at the top left indicating your location in the Documentation section (in this case Documentation / LED High Bay). There is also a folder hierarchy on the left hand side, letting you know which section you are currently in. The hyperlinks displayed in the breadcrumb trail and folder hierarchy can also be used to reverse your search path. Finally, if you wish you can easily change site language without losing this navigation path. The English and French documents are now separated depending on the site language you have chosen: if you are on the English site, you will only find English documents, and vise versa.

We care about what you think. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at web@standardpro.com

As leaders in our industry, we aim to provide the best possible experience for you, our customers.

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