Replace your magnetic ballast for the energy efficient T12 electronic ballast

T12 Electronic Ballasts by STANDARD

The Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) implemented a standard to increase the efficiency of fluorescent lamp ballasts and as of November 2006, T12 magnetic ballasts were no longer available in new fixtures.

Under the same standard, T12 magnetic ballasts are no longer available as replacement ballasts as of April 1, 2010. Existing T12 magnetic ballasts cannot achieve the required level of efficiency, and therefore, are no longer available for retrofitting existing fixtures.

Whether you need a ballast to run a four foot T12, Slimline, or High Output lamp, the easiest solution is to convert to T12 electronic ballasts. STANDARD offers a full line of electronic T12 ballasts that exceed the OEE performance requirements and can meet all your needs.

Electronic ballasts are reliable and energy efficient, offering up to 30% energy savings over their magnetic equivalents. They are also lighter in weight, allow for more flexible fixture designs, operate quietly (no more humming), and eliminate lamp flickering. They also have longer warranty periods than the magnetic equivalents.

For a full cross-reference showing the legislated magnetic version and its electronic equivalent please click on the following link: Magnetic/Electronic Ballast Cross-Reference.

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